Claire Mooney Health

I hold space for people to unhook from the unhealthy parts of their past, helping lead them into a very healthy connection to their future selves.

From my Holistic Healthcare studio located in Chicago, IL, I provide a wide range of healing services for mind and body. I work through various modes of Healing, Energy Work, Akashic Records, Sourcepoint Therapy™, Acupuncture and other transformative therapies. What I aim to do with my work is to help you feel your best, to feel balanced and centered, with the potential for expansion and growth.



Initial Consultation & Treatment – $175

Photo Credit: Rachel Wolf

Akashic Reading – $95

Musculoskeletal Healing Session – $180

Meet Claire Mooney

I believe we are each here to work towards embodying and living our highest potential. The pain and trauma of the past, no matter how small and insignificant we’ve told ourselves they are, shroud the light and potential deep within us from ourselves. My role is to hear you, to see you and to help you remember that you are more than your pains, more than your self doubts, more than your past obstacles. In the Greek Myth of Persephone, she was jolted out of her comfort by trauma, then transformed into a self possessed queen and a healer for others traveling through similar dark roads. We are all capable of Persephonic healing, and sometimes it can be useful and necessary for someone else to shine a light onto the dark path.

What are people saying?

“I first visited Claire seven years ago for an acupuncture session. What I walked into was so much more than that. Claire is a diviner of, liaison to, and knower of all. Not only does she have a huge breadth of understanding and experience in different teachings, techniques, practices, and traditions, she also is open to a realm of awareness that few others are. This awareness and knowledge work in beautiful harmony within Claire’s practice; not only do I leave every session feeling remarkably physically shifted, but also with a deeper understanding and relationship with what I am experiencing. Her work not only addresses the immediate, but makes space for continued healing, attending, and altering. Claire is able to communicate information, ideas, and truths in ways that allow me to not only hear them, but to understand and integrate them into my life. Yes she heals, she moves energy, she encourages change and health, but she also teaches and heals through her integrated practices so that whatever the information, adjustments, and lessons are, they can be absorbed in meaningful ways. Claire Mooney’s practice is, above all, characterized by her incredible respect, experience, curiosity, humor, sincerity, and a kind of majesty that makes every session profound and beautiful. I am endlessly thankful for a friend urging me to book an appointment with Claire those seven years ago, and am excited and grateful to know and be a client of someone whose practice not only deepens, but widens as she integrates new knowledge and practices into her work.”