Initial Consultation & Treatment

In this 2 hour meeting we will begin with a conversation that will lead into our first healing session. It may include acupuncture therapy, Sourcepoint Therapy, Akashic Record opening, Tarot and Astrology or any combination of these, whatever tools are needed in order to begin the process of your transformation.




Each session begins with a re-assessment of your energetic and emotional body systems and a treatment is given based on that. Treatments may change from week to week


Musculoskeletal Healing Session

This session focuses solely on your physical pains/issues. We will work up to 2 hours a session.


Akashic Intuitive Reading

The Akasha is an energetic field between space and time where the history of your ‘soul’ lives. Through this space we can communicate with your Guides, Teachers, and Ancestors about every part of your existence, any questions, queries, wonderings you have for your guides. These questions can truly be about anything or anyone, the answer will be specific for you within this moment in time with all of the love and support of the Akasha!
These can be done by Zoom, phone or in person.


Photo Credit: Rachel Wolf

Payment: I accept cash, checks, Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle/Quickpay.