“I first visited Claire seven years ago for an acupuncture session. What I walked into was so much more than that. Claire is a diviner of, liaison to, and knower of all. Not only does she have a huge breadth of understanding and experience in different teachings, techniques, practices, and traditions, she also is open to a realm of awareness that few others are. This awareness and knowledge work in beautiful harmony within Claire’s practice; not only do I leave every session feeling remarkably physically shifted, but also with a deeper understanding and relationship with what I am experiencing. Her work not only addresses the immediate, but makes space for continued healing, attending, and altering. Claire is able to communicate information, ideas, and truths in ways that allow me to not only hear them, but to understand and integrate them into my life. Yes she heals, she moves energy, she encourages change and health, but she also teaches and heals through her integrated practices so that whatever the information, adjustments, and lessons are, they can be absorbed in meaningful ways.Claire Mooney’s practice is, above all, characterized by her incredible respect, experience, curiosity, humor, sincerity, and a kind of majesty that makes every session profound and beautiful. I am endlessly thankful for a friend urging me to book an appointment with Claire those seven years ago, and am excited and grateful to know and be a client of someone whose practice not only deepens, but widens as she integrates new knowledge and practices into her work.”

“I cannot recommend Claire enough! Yes, she knows her acupuncture in and out and will help heal whatever ails you, be it fertility challenges or a lousy cold. (She’s successfully treated me for both!) Yes, she has a calming presence that puts even the most needle-fearing person at ease. (Me!) Yes, she’s got a fantastic sense of humor that reminds us serious types not to take ourselves too seriously. (Me again!) And yes, she’s a delightful human being who will always brighten your day. (Always!) Above all, she truly cares about you as a person and treats not only your body, but also your soul. I’m pretty sure Claire is magic. One in a million.”


“A session with Claire is like chilling with a good friend, albeit a good friend who is masterful with acupuncture and energy work. I find acupuncture exceedingly helpful with controlling my anxiety and acid reflux, and no one has helped me more in these areas than Claire. During many sessions, I would actually feel my clogged meridians open up and my energy resume its flow, which is a sensation unlike any other. Although I had participated in acupuncture sessions before, I never experienced this feeling. It was a revelation and a powerful reminder of how we are all made of light and energy. Claire’s skilled hands and warm heart can help heal even the deepest wound and the most profound hurt. I know this to be true.”

Liz Q.

“I went to see Claire after losing my father, with hope that she could treat my anxiety and depression. Having never had acupuncture before I wasn’t sure what to expect, but knew immediately at the first consultation that she could help me. Her calming, kind energy and openness put me right at ease, and her treatments helped me achieve an inner peace and meditative state I’ve never felt before. I don’t know that I would have recovered from my grief as I had if Claire hadn’t led the way. She is truly a healer.”
Carrie J.

“I came to Claire with various woes: a recent miscarriage, anxiety, and worry over family illness history. I had no idea what to expect from the acupuncture experience, but it is now one of my favorite aspects of life. Not only did Claire get me feeling more energized, she also set me on course to living a more balanced and spiritually enriched life: something I didn’t even realize I was looking for. I leave each session feeling relaxed, clear, and optimistic.
Claire is a magical person and I really consider her a gift. The Magnolia House environment adds to the experience you will have: it is bright, extremely relaxing, and feels like your own personal space.”


“The Magnolia House studio is an amazing and unexpected space tucked above a busy corner of Logan Square. The physical space is bathed in rich light in any weather, and the warmth of the studio envelops you from the moment you enter. Most importantly, however, is Claire. Our connection was instant, and what was – for me – a potentially one-time try-out visit has become a routine without which my health noticeably suffers. I can’t recommend her healing ability often enough; her gifts span multiple levels – aiding in the journey to wellness on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.”

Jen B.

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